A reindeer safari is a comfortable and relaxing experience. Reindeer are in no hurry for anything and they travel slowly and calmly. While driving, you can enjoy the stunning snowy scenery and take wonderful photos as a memory.

Reindeer riding is not just for kids, it provides experiences for all ages. Reindeers are kind and the customer can control their own ride if they wish. Guiding older reindeer is also easy for the first-timer. Younger reindeer require an experienced rider.

The ice thickness and durability of the ice routes are ensured. We only ride when the weather and ice conditions allow for a safe ride.

Forest terrain ride

Our forest terrain rides are by advance booking only. The outbound is mostly uphill and the return is a faster. The reindeer determine the speed of travel and the driving time varies between about 25 and 50 minutes. If possible, we also do short rides without prior reservation.

We also make longer custom safaris, for example we can have a campfire coffee.

There is a souvenir shop on our premises.


10 – 15 minutes ride
15 € / kids under 12 years
20 € / adult

20 – 35 minutes ride
25 € / kids under 12 years
35 € / adult

40 – 60 minutes ride (campfire coffee)
50 € / kids under 12 years
60 € / adult

Forest terrain ride
30 € / kids under 12 years
40 € / adult

We also make longer custom safaris when weather conditions allow.